version 0.6.0 : new interface and saving

Version 0.6.0 is here, little later than I planned, but that’s mostly because this version comes with many changes to the interface elements. I decided to re-order the location of many of the different screens like the Merchant, Quests, Seeker, etc. This required a bunch of testing to make sure the game still looks good on all types of displays (and in both portrait and landscape mode).

I also added game-saving, it automatically saves, and you can load the game but once you die the save-game is deleted as with any proper rogue-like.

As always Patreon’s can update their PC beta through Itch, and iOS beta testers should receive an update email soonish. All feedback and other things you wanna talk about can be shared over at the Discord!

Full change list can be found here.


Sir Questionnaire - Windows 52 MB
Version 7 May 02, 2018
Sir Questionnaire - Linux 69 MB
Version 7 May 02, 2018
Sir Questionnaire - MacOS 57 MB
Version 7 May 02, 2018

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