version 0.3.0 - mini boss fights!

Here's another big new build ready for you guys. It comes with a long list of fixes, and a shorter list of new stuff.

This version I also activated the dungeon-master speech stuff, it's far from perfect, some text needs to be redone and shortened, but let me know if you like the idea of it, or rather not have it at all!

I also made the mini-boss fights more interesting, and moved some of the bigger enemies into mini-boss fights behind skull-gates. 

New stuff:

- add: new music
- add: activated speech (still buggy, needs better timing)
- add: new area - Labyrinth
- add: item - Yarn Thread
- add: new entity - big ball of Yarn
- add: new entity - Cyclops
- add: new entity - trap-door
- add: new entity: King Fire!
- add: King-battles now have a cool little intro
- add: rare-item pickups now are more visual (so they don't go unnoticed too easily)
- add: add text to merchant about raising prices due to theft
- add: monster-attacks now have accuracy build in. Some monsters have less accuracy, and player skillAgility is also acounted in monster attacks.


- fix: crash with Orc or Minotaur and special-attack cases
- fix: Carniplant now actually "bites" as attack
- fix: Altar made lightning sound even without lightning striking
- fix: improved movement effects on "spatter" (blood, ghost-stuff, slime stuff, etc)
- fix: potion of awareness had 0 usage always
- fix: floor-carpets,etc not rendered anymore
- fix: altar sound effect is crap
- fix: (mobile) settings shows touch-sensetive+stick settings (duh)
- fix: mobile has no Pause button
- fix: using skill-potion doesn't trigger skill screen correctly
- fix: picking scroll from inventory still goes wrong with rendering skill screen partly on top of inventory - only from fullscreen+mouse
- fix: changing music volume in settings doesn't change it directly
- fix: options menu on mobile isn't usable (menu screen)
- fix: reset inventory selection on new game
- fix: make skull-key only work when holding it
- fix: special-item notifications are now bigger and more visible
- fix: bug in animations for monsters int a stunned-state who also attack.
- fix: "Retry" game didn't offer a new quest
- fix: merchant -> take picture triggers shop. Not anymore!
- fix: throne -> take picture ,puts you on the throne. Not anymore!
- fix: text-bug in Throne room
- fix: in inventory: "hold" for bottle should be "fill" when near water
- fix: skull-key doesn't work


Sir Questionnaire - Windows 52 MB
Version 3 Apr 17, 2018
Sir Questionnaire - Linux 69 MB
Version 3 Apr 17, 2018
Sir Questionnaire - MacOS 57 MB
Version 3 Apr 17, 2018

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