GS:Rogue Tactics v0.5.0 – FINALLY HERE.. look at that changes list

FINALLY the update is here!  In all honesty, I should probably name this v0.99.0 or something, because I’ve put so much fixes and new stuff in this that it’s silly to see it as a minor update to v0.4.0..

But that’s how I rollllll, so that’s what it is! Doesn’t make the update any less !

This is, most likely, the final update before I do a public-beta! YAY!  I’ve been working extremely hard on all the small details and things and making the game almost release-worthy (without being release-worthy).

So for now, grab the Patreon build if you are a Patron by following this link, or Wishlist the game and come hang out in to get a chance of playing the public-beta version which will hit sooner than you might think!


Full changes list.. take a breath, and GO:

  • added: “stars” above taken-down bodies
  • added: small player-talk note when putting on enemy outfit
  • added: improved how console-keys / doors camera handing is done
  • added: inventory now includes info on outfit wearing
  • added: wishlist-item to menu
  • added: Bombs are now items, instead of weapons. Possible to carry more of them
  • added: item – Bombpack 5x
  • added: item – Bombpack 10x
  • added: item – Bombpack 20x
  • added: new shop: Bombo – the bomb-selling shop (bulk bombs)
  • added: Gamma preference to setting menu
  • added: “retina-protected” doors – require a dragged-body to open
  • added: some “elite force” guards around the general.. and make general a terrible shooter maybe?
  • added: enemy bodies now function as shields when carrying them
  • added: general-body is dropped when being shot at (general can’t die!)
  • added: enemy bodies now drop when shot, instead of explode (that requires explosions, heavy bullets, etc)
  • added: tanks to over-world
  • added: new Mission type: Take-down Tanks
  • added: little extra to the Heroes of Loot dungeon area
  • added: new Soldier type: Robot-suited
  • added: more hide-able opportunities inside and outdoors
  • added: robot-suited enemies should stop working when hit by EMP
  • added: “loading” bar before splash
  • added: Voodoo item doesn’t do anything yet!! Revive fallen heroes with it
  • added: throwing bombs while jumping gives extra thrust to the throw
  • added: EMP’s can now be thrown and stay active for a while
  • added: split up settings menu into groups (had too many options in some cases)

Fixes and changes:

  • fixed: special shops (based on items) are now force-generated only once.
  • fixed: add a delay on world-intro screen, so player can’t accidentally click through it
  • fixed: amount of towers being generated was too low in most cases
  • fixed: remove take-down chopper mission for now (until there’s a better way to take down chopper, that requires less luck)
  • fixed: hack camera now fully resets security levels to no-alarm
  • fixed: mission stats now only show at start of a new world (not during continues)
  • fixed: coin-blocks are rendered wrong
  • fixed: inventory isn’t properly reset between new games
  • fixed: end-chopper screen shows objectives (already on screen in hud)
  • fixed: having briefcase, can still spawn 2nd informant (mission is still active in 2nd tower)
  • fixed: informant mission isn’t completed when entering chopper
  • fixed: pressing A during slow-tick should “complete” slowtick, not close dialog
  • fixed: briefcase still in hands after completing mission and redoing the world
  • fixed: menu isn’t clearly readable.. add dialog box behind it?
  • fixed: settings menu should look more like other interfaces
  • fixed: switching players doesn’t keep track of foot-wear correctly
  • fixed: lockers can spawn at spots of steam-exhausts
  • fixed: consoles/computers can spawn on top of crates/barels.. looks silly
  • fixed: console/vertical doors not functioning
  • fixed: ghost helmets being thrown when picking up new helmet
  • fixed: dizzy-stars not rendered at correct spot
  • fixed: worldintro screen needs a “press X to continue” prompt
  • fixed: Enemies can shoot while not being in alerted-state
  • fixed: design a few levels for bomb-usage (and fix the level that already has room for it)
  • fixed: redesigned interaction between soldiers and security-alarms
  • fixed: Informants sometimes in awkward locations
  • fixed: console-door doesn’t open if already in view of player (no camera takeover)
  • fixed: higher worlds had less soldiers instead of more soldiers (oops!)
  • fixed: enemy-chopper vanishing into thin air
  • fixed: bombs shouldn’t kill enemies unless they explode (right now it feels more like a bowling-ball)
  • fixed: dropped bodies to keep the right outfit
  • fixed: changing fullscreen or resolution now more instant and correctly stored
  • fixed: using pause/settings during animation areas messes up the game
  • fixed: improve checks on fences and drop-cranes and the floor underneath
  • fixed: mission info is shown while still in cinematic bars for the fly-in intro
  • fixed: make level-templates more spacious.. too many platforms going on in some
  • fixed: Mech Soldiers don’t “block” bullets coming from front.. looks weird
  • fixed: level design bug with 2 platforms on-top of eachother
  • fixed: Level-bug.. crates shouldn’t float in the floor
  • fixed: add hangar-bay doors in buildings.. they open when building is in alert-mode – contain strong forces/robots/etc
  • fixed: General changes into Hero outfit when carried out of building
  • fixed: Melee doesn’t always hit enemy when literally at the same spot
  • fixed: Can’t generate hangar doors in this template
  • fixed: background cranes don’t reach the floor
  • fixed: (rare) building with no C4 , still mentiones mission to place C4
  • fixed: melee snap-towards enemy sometimes positions us on the right side (when both facing right)
  • fixed: retina-door, position dragged body correctly in-front of it
  • fixed: too much garlic!! should be a one-only item (same for mushroom + battery)
  • fixed: floor underneath isn’t correct
  • fixed: gave this template block more variation.. won’t be so noticeable anymore (was very aware of the returning pattern)
  • fixed: can’t bomb my way in here.. whatsupwiththat!?
  • fixed: show current HP for each character on pause and char-select screens
  • fixed: steam-wheels sometimes placed on top of other stuff
  • fixed: bombs roll out way too long
  • fixed: barrels should ignore lasers
  • fixed: cameras are now looking AT the wall, instead of avoiding that spot (it avoided the other side)
  • fixed: bomb against a crate, crate goes white and berzerk with debris


Windows 68 MB
Version 21 Apr 25, 2019
Linux 86 MB
Version 21 Apr 25, 2019
MacOS 74 MB
Version 21 Apr 25, 2019

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