Ashworld v1.5.1 - rare item quests

A quick update before the year ends, fixing some crashing bugs and all the rare-item quests.

  • fix: you could swap weapon while in sniper-mode
  • fix: made a few difficult building-jumps easier to do
  • fix: inventory-crafting requirements now fit on smaller screen-formats
  • fix: selecting some of the 2nd-tier skills could crash the game (using mouse or touchscreen)
  • fix: limited the placement of rare-items
  • fix: rare-item quests now function properly
  • fix: entering/exiting rare-item quests would trigger unlimited looting



Ashworld windows 44 MB
Version 23 80 days ago
Ashworld osx 50 MB
Version 23 80 days ago
Ashworld linux 61 MB
Version 25 80 days ago

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