version 1.4.0 - Balancing and fixes

It's been a while since the last update, mainly because I was working on the mobile release.. and the iOS version is now live! So you can take this open-world on the go if you like (grab it here:

So what's new:

- fix: gamepad up/down was backwards in driving (altho right-trigger also worked)
- balance: added some highlights to ledges and floors, make it stand out more
- balance: picking up weapon now always gives you some ammo with it
- balance: small slowdown on the day/night cycle
- balance: changed spawn rates on ragers, easier at start of a new game
- balance: lowered amount of enemy cars spawning at once
- balance: slightly lower energy for ragers and skellies
- fix: made weapons without ammo not "equipable"
- fix: weapons now shooting when 0 ammo, but still extra clips in inventory


Ashworld windows 44 MB
Version 20 98 days ago
Ashworld osx 50 MB
Version 20 98 days ago
Ashworld linux 61 MB
Version 22 98 days ago

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