Space Grunts Update v1.6.0 : Exploration

Let's change up the level layouts a bit for this update. The game now comes with a couple of new level-design blocks, and also a new "Mechanical wall". These are walls that slide up and down either automatically, or when you get near them. This makes for some interesting level designs and requires a bit more exploration to discover some hidden hallways.

I also rebalanced the end-boss. He was often found a bit overpowering and too strong to take out, even if you had a huge amount of energy. There's now some capping on his skills, and I think this makes him slightly easier to beat... of course, you first need to reach him!

Full changes list:

  • added: update info dialog at start
  • added: mechanical-walls
  • added: variation of new level design-blocks


  • fixed: better balancing on the strength of The Blob (end boss)
  • fixed: possible cause for rare crashing when using Vial card
  • fixed: Bio-dome showing up multiple times in a game


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Version 17 Jan 24, 2020 72 MB
Version 16 Jan 24, 2020

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